Our Services

Campaign strategy and delivery

Based on your objectives, we craft a creative strategy and then smoothly implement the outcome you wanted.

Influencer Marketing

Our unique influencer agency roster consists of over 30 of the UK’s best and engaging content creators.

Brand partnerships

Long term partnerships underpin the authenticity of content we deliver to our communities.

Community Insights

Our social media communities enable us to conduct our own market research providing you with data-driven insights.


Parents Engaged Each Week


Social Following

Our Communities


A network of 20,000 engaged fathers looking to overcome the challenges of fatherhood.

Local Communities

Local dads building meaningful relationships in the real world, as well the virtual.

Hobby Communities

Over 20 communities for enthusiasts, problem solvers and money savers. From cooking to DIY to photography to sports.

Support Communities

Overcoming life’s hardest battles. From baby loss & miscarriage to mental health to relationship breakdown.

Our Work


Ricky Zoom Campaign including original video content, influencer marketing & live streaming.

Silver Cross

#DadsnetWalks Campaign including meaningful, long-form video content & social media strategy.


#ZooplaFortChallenge Campaign including original video content & user generated content.

Our Clients

From global household named giants to new national startups, Dadsnet has worked with a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of ambitions and a diverse range of budgets.